MANTAR company produces metal and ICT cabinets for the construction, expansion and modernization of internet networks. We offer cabinets suitable for installation both inside and outside the building.
Since 28 years, our products served the ICT sector in Poland,  providing reliable protection of telecommunications and computer networks, and on the other hand, providing functionality and ease of their development and use.
Our offer includes cabinets suitable for installation both inside and outside the building, as well as specialistic anti-burglary cabinets. Our main competences include the production of cabinets dedicated to FTTx networks, designed in accordance with the individual requirements of the client.
Thanks to cooperation with the most technologically advanced suppliers, our company offers products that meet the highest standards of mechanical protection, with increased corrosion resistance, durable and effectively protect against unauthorized access.
The production of innovative, often individual metal cabinets is the purpose of MANTAR company. Our solutions are used by both the largest networks and small local operators.


Our story

MANTAR is a family company with Polish capital. For two generations we have been specializing in the production of unbreakable and corrosion-resistant specialized cabinets that protect active and passive devices installed in ICT networks.

Since 1993, we design and manufacture metal cabinets for the cable television, telecommunications and computer networks. We work with companies in the production of devices from various industries for which we make metal enclosures, e.g. automating parking lots, alarm systems and controlling street lights. We focus on individual solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our own production plant with a modern machine park and a dedicated IT system supporting company management enables us to produce short series or even individual enclosures. In our design office, we develop cabinets tailored to the specific recipient, easy to assemble and use. Innovative ideas and solutions are also develop here which are patent-pending and have been revolutionized the market.

We use modern technologies in our products, including sheet with Magnelis coating, joining sheets by clinching and many others.

We base our knowledge on many years of experience which is why we perfectly understand customers needs.

Over the past 26 years, our cabinets have become security synonymous and ease of use in the industry, and MANTAR is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cabinets on the market.