Prototype development and production implementations rules.

There are three forms of cooperation in the case of individual projects:

  1. Customer sends a complete, finished cabinet project for implementation. We adapt it to our technological capabilities in consultation with the Client, prepare workshop projects, program of CNC machines. The cabinet design is owned by the Customer and he is responsible for the end result. Any changes and corrections at the customer's expense.
  2. Client presents us his expectation about the cabinet, and asks us to make a design, sometimes prepere a prototype. In this case, there are three solutions:
    • Customer pays for the cabinet development and is the owner of the project, he can order cabinets or outsource the production to someone else. We cannot produce these cabinets for other companies without the agreement of the owner of the development. 
    • Customer presents expectations towards the cabinet and orders a batch of cabinets in a specific price, not including implementation, design, and does not reserve any copyrights.  We produce the order. Sometimes customer shares comments with us or suggests some corrections in subsequent orders. He does not pay for project corrections. We are the copyright owners. We reserve the copyrights for more interesting solutions. This is the most common form of collaboration.
    • Ordering single or more non-standard cabinets, the development price is included in the cost of the entire order.
  3. Client sends us a finished cabinet and wants to place an order for its production. He must make a declaration, that he is fully responsible for any infringement of third party copyrights to the cabinet.

In order to meet our Customer demand, we develop complex, individual solutions. We produce various cabinets and implement new modifications according to Customer needs.

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