The cabinet symbol consists of large printed letters denoting the type (abbreviation) of the cabinet name:

  • DR - Inspection door
  • M - cabinet patented by the MANTAR company with a construction resistant to burglary and devastation intended for installation inside buildings
  • MZ - M cabinet designed for outdoor installation
  • PSN - Fiber Optic wall-mounted switchboard for indoor use
  • PS - Fiber Optic Switch designed for mounting on rack mounts
  • RSZ - Fiber Optic outdoor switchgear
  • SM - Mast Cabinet designed for mounting on a mast, pole or wall
  • SP - Armored cabinet extremely resistant to burglary and internal devastation
  • SRS - Indoor Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet
  • SZK - Outdoor Cabinet mounted on the SK1 telecomunication well
  • TPR - Simple internal wall cabinets

The symbol indicating the type of cabinet is followed by a series of digits indicating the external dimensions in centimeters: height / width / depth.

Dimensions are rounded to full centimeters.


The next large printed letters indicate items of equipment:

  • 144J - Cabinet equipped with 144J commutation field, e.g. 72DX, 144SX
  • DX - Holes for mounting SC DX adapters
  • L - Handles under shelf PS1 plus shelf PS1 (for MZ or M)
  • PK - Cabinet equipped with commutation field
  • PG - Cabinet equipped with electric chokes, e.g. 13.5 R Cabinet equipped with a 3 point closure as in the SZK
  • ST - Locked by padlock
  • SX - Holes for mounting SC SX adapters
  • Wt - Cabinet with ventilation
  • WZM - Cabinet closed with a safety lock reinforced door with angles with a metal cable supply
  • Z - Metal spare cable
  • * - Product available on request and available up to 3 weeks


In Rack-mounted Fiber-Optic switchgear dimensions are given in follow rule:

  • height 1...4U (U = 44,45mm)
  • wide 10" (10" = 255mm) or 19" (19" = 482mm)
  • then the number of holes for adapters and their type.


On the next places the mounting method:

  • nz - with lock
  • St - fixed without the possibility of ejecting
  • W bp - it is pulled out without guides
  • W np - it is pulled out with guides
  • v1,2,3 - 1,2,3..n version.